Beautiful Majestic Dolphin - Web consulting from a magical dolphin man
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That last moment when the sun is setting, a splash appears on the horizon, and a dolphin jumps up. It’s the most beautiful, majestic thing you’ve ever seen.

That must be Shane Morris, the Beautiful Majestic Dolphin

Defined within the Metaphysics of Quality, I see no division between science and art. My only limitation is my imagination, because I’m a computer scientist with a love for elegant, useful designs. I like to take everything apart just so I can understand how it works. My boundless curiosity allows me creative flexibility in every project I take on.

Ubuntu Openstack + Juju0%
WordPress + WooCommerce Development0%
GIMP + Darktable0%
Blockchain Consulting0%
CRM + Social Marketing0%
Creative Direction0%

For the past 12 years, I have created interfaces with human factors in mind. The core of my philosophy is making it simple and easy to use.

My specialty is bespoke eCommerce. When you need something that doesn’t exist, and everything is complicated, I love the challenge of making all the pieces work together.

For a few years, I have worked on the digital side of the music and entertainment business. It’s maddening, but rewarding, and that’s why I keep doing it. No, I will not listen to your f**kig mixtape.

When it comes to what I do, I’m on the more expensive side of things. Plenty of developers out there will build you a cheap site. That’s not me. I’m the Beautiful Majestic Dolphin. I do badass work.


That’s a rough guess in millions of dollars, total revenue from all the projects I have worked on. I like making money.


Broken hearted venture capitalist firms, who walked away from projects that later took off. Sucks to be them.


Cups of coffee, every single morning. I like getting wired at 8AM and making shit happen.


People on my go-to team, either staff or people I trust with anything. We literally win awards and stuff. It’s a big deal.

My Projects

Everything from multi-point eCommerce development, to tastemaker music sites, platinum records, social media powerhouses, and non-profits.

Featured In

Furthermore, its positioning as an artist-centered technology means that artists can be directly involved in Resonate’s future, and should be its community’s loudest megaphones. “The core message of Resonate should be delivered not through me, but through the artists themselves,” asserts Morris. “The most important thing we can do as a company is to have the artists be vocal about how we can help augment their own value, and show fans they can support these artists ethically.”


I’m on Twitter

Lots of swear words, some science insights, bad jokes, and other musings.

Shane Mall Santa Morris
@IamShaneMorrisDec 16
@RyanEGraney You think another page won't spring back up? Really? Someone else can admin it. Let chaos settle itself.
Shane Mall Santa Morris
@IamShaneMorrisDec 16
@RyanEGraney I can speak to people however I fucking want to. You won't police how I speak to people. Ever.
Shane Mall Santa Morris
@IamShaneMorrisDec 16
@RyanEGraney I do. I donated computers and started the computer lab at the O'Bryan Center. I volunteer twice a week…
Shane Mall Santa Morris
@IamShaneMorrisDec 16
@RyanEGraney Look at the name calling. 14-year-old child? Grown men don't talk like this? I'm dying laughing over h…
Shane Mall Santa Morris
@IamShaneMorrisDec 16
@RyanEGraney My mental state? LOL. I'm fine. Like, I'm sitting here, playing with my dog, watching y'all get upset…
Shane Mall Santa Morris
@IamShaneMorrisDec 16
@RyanEGraney I don't need that group to win. I have uh... money. And I'm going to run paid ads like everyone else.…

“It’s Dat Boi!”

O shit waddup?!

(It’s an internet meme about a frog arriving on a unicycle. All the cool people on the internet know what it means. It’s an analogy about starting a conversation, done in some crude, internet terms. So use the contact form and we’ll talk about what you need.)

My Instagram aesthetic is on fleek