We don’t maintain BMD social media profiles, because it’s not really our business model to promote ourselves like that. We’re here to blow up your brand — not ours. If you want to follow Shane Morris on Instagram, go right ahead. It’s mostly dogs and food.


Web Development On The Bleeding Edge

The music business has really specific needs when it comes to web development. You need to convert fans into money. That covers ticketing, merch, streams, CRM conversion, and more. Moving forward that means retargeting, machine learning, and integrating into Amazon native platforms. We’re already there.

Award Winning Creative Services

As a general rule, fans are going to connect better with music videos. That’s why we do our creatives under our own umbrella, through our affiliate Decaf Grunge. If you’re looking for a shitty video, go somewhere else. We only deliver straight up 🔥.

Full Service Consulting, A&R and Publishing

In 2017 alone, we placed over $1,000,000 in publishing money. We have relationships with ad agencies, boutique publishing companies, and record label A&R’s. People come to us for hit new music, because we’ve been right so often, it’s smart to bet on us.