We don’t maintain BMD social media profiles, because it’s not really our business model to promote ourselves like that. We’re here to blow up your brand — not ours. If you want to follow Shane Morris on Instagram, go right ahead. It’s mostly dogs and food.

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As a technicality, I actually left my entire business behind once. I left BMD to be a full time digital wizard at Sony Music, and I was really damn good at it. Unfortunately, I hated getting up at 7AM every day to go work in a box, so I didn’t even last a year. While I was there, I made some websites, did some email campaigns, sat in some meetings, and worked alongside the most talented people in the music business. More importantly, I learned that I was capable of doing the biggest jobs, for the biggest record label in the world — which helped me realize there wasn’t much I couldn’t tackle. While I was doing those jobs, I learned something important about myself – I only want to work for myself, because I don’t think like an employee. I think like an entrepreneur.