We don’t maintain BMD social media profiles, because it’s not really our business model to promote ourselves like that. We’re here to blow up your brand — not ours. If you want to follow Shane Morris on Instagram, go right ahead. It’s mostly dogs and food.

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About This Project

When NFL and MLB super-agency Enter Sports Management needed an all-purpose, all-the-time, anything-you-can-dream web guy, they called me. That should say something pretty loud: When the stakes are high, your reputation and image matter above all all else. That’s why I’m glad to count Hadley Englehard, Esq., and this entire team in Georgia, Florida, and Arizona my clients. I can’t say everything I do in my little skunk works operation, but let’s just say the way Enter Sports is targeting clients is unlike the way any other sports agency does it. While everyone other agent stagnated, Enter Sports innovated.