Earmilk - Beautiful Majestic Dolphin
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Music Business
About This Project

Earmilk started off as a simple music blog, but that’s not where we ended up. When everyone else was searching for songs, we were searching for stories to tell. With the Earmilk name on a hot pink bike, I rode 2,200 miles solo, through the snow, writing about music and people — benefiting breast cancer research. At a time when blogs weren’t doing underground shows, I’d get deep into my phone, and call in parties featuring G-Eazy, T.I., Iggy Azalea, and Juicy J. I do literally mean “underground”in a Los Angeles basement called The Dungeon. Earmilk wasn’t just a music blog. We made a music party that just happened on the internet, every day. That’s why, to this day, Earmilk is where music legends begin their careers.

My Instagram aesthetic is on fleek